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How to integrate SureMDM with Aruba ClearPass Server

SureMDM’s integration with Aruba Clearpass ensures network security while business endpoints are accessing the company’s network.

Note: Aruba ClearPass integration is available only for Enterprise licenses.


Enterprises should have an Aruba ClearPass server.

To integrate SureMDM with the Aruba ClearPass server,

1. Log into the SureMDM Web Console.

2. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Enterprise Integrations > NAC Integration and, select Enable NAC Integration.

3. Select Aruba ClearPass from the Server drop-down menu.

4. Enter the Aruba ClearPass server details:

 Authentication Endpoint – URL of the ClearPass server

User Name 


Client ID

Client Secret

Note: You will get the details of UserName, Password, Client ID, and Client Secret while creating a Client on the ClearPass server. These settings will be used by SureMDM to authenticate itself to the ClearPass server

5. Click Download Template.

   A preconfigured device attributes file (in CSV format) will download.

6. Open the CSV file and select all/required/add new parameters that need to be passed through the Aruba ClearPass server.

Note:  If you want to add new parameters to the CSV file, you need to contact support@42gears.com.

7. Click Save to save the CSV file.

8. Click Import to upload the saved CSV file.

Once the CSV file is imported, all/selected attributes will be listed in the Field Mapping section.

9.  Click Save.

On successful integration, when a new Android device is enrolled into SureMDM, the device attributes will get updated in the MDM server. In turn, MDM will send a fresh set of attributes to the Aruba ClearPass server every time a device information is updated or whenever a new device is enrolled into SureMDM. ClearPass will use this information to enforce Network Access policies on the device.

Note: When you delete or unenroll a device from the SureMDM console, the associated device’s attributes will also get deleted from the Aruba ClearPass console.

View Device Attributes on the Aruba ClearPass Console

To view, the device attributes on the Aruba ClearPass console,

1.  Log into the Aruba ClearPass console.

2.  Navigate to ClearPass Policy Manager > Configuration. 

3. Under Configuration, expand Identity, and select Endpoints.

4.  Search the devices based on MAC Address.

Note: If the MAC address is in XX:XX:XX:XX: XX format, you need to remove the colon (:) from the Mac address and search it as XXXXXXXXXX in the Search section.

5.  Click on the Mac address and select Attributes.

You can see that the device attributes are updated in the Aruba ClearPass server that was passed in SureMDM.

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Updated on May 2021