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How to launch the Integrated SureLock manually without SureMDM?

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Updated: November 2021

There are times where device admin would ask the end users to make certain configuration change on the device when the device is offline on the console and the admin/user would later want to launch SureLock without using SureMDM

Although we can launch the Integrated SureLock using the option ‘Enable Kiosk lockdown’ from SureMDM agent settings, the admin would not want the users from accessing the same to avoid tampering with any other existing settings.

In such scenarios, either of the below methods can be used to launch Integrated Surelock manually:

1. Use the below API to launch Surelock. This API can be integrated into any 3rd party application.

am broadcast -a com.nix.COMMUNICATOR -e command launch_integrated_surelock com.nix


2. By using a sample application to launch the Integrated SureLock (see image below). Click here to download the sample application.

NOTE: For the above API to work, the SureMDM agent must be in 27.06.61 version. Click here to download this version.

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