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How to link EFOTA to SureMDM

Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA) is a service provided by Samsung used to update software on Samsung enterprise devices. This mechanism when synched with SureMDM helps admins push the latest software and firmware updates on the devices remotely.

This feature can also be helpful is Samsung devices are enrolled to SureMDM without being enrolled to E-FOTA. Admin can still link SureMDM to E-FOTA using the below steps. Once done, the device will be able to receive latest firmware and software updates.

Below are the steps to link SureMDM with E-FOTA.

1. Log into SureMDM and click Settings

2.Navigate to Account Settings and click Firmware Updates. Select Samsung E-FOTA.

3. Enter License, Customer ID,Client ID and Client Secret ID and click Save. Click here for details. This will link EFOTA to SureMDM account.

4. Further to register previously enrolled devices from SureMDM to EFOTA, create a run script job with below script and push it on the device(s).


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Updated on December 2022