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How to lock apps and websites on your Android device?

42Gears offers different kinds of lockdown solutions for different platforms and it is important to know which product or combination of products meet your requirements.

Two of our signature lockdown applications; SureLock and SureFox have two different functions.

SureLock helps you lockdown your device and allow the users to use only Allowed Applications. SureFox on the other hand, allows users to browse only Allowed Websites.

SureFox has two different versions; SureFox and SureFox Pro. SureFox restricts the users to browse only allowed websites whereas, SureFox Pro not only allows you to specify allowed websites but also lets you lock down the Android device with no access to device settings or other installed applications.

Access to only selected applications and specified websites

So, if you need to lock down your Android device with access to only selected applications and specified websites, do you have to use both SureLock and SureFox together?

Yes, you have to use both SureLock and SureFox together.

Standalone SureFox Pro

 Why not SureFox Pro alone?

SureFox Pro locks down the device and lets you specify allowed applications to run on the device, however these allowed applications need to be launched using the allowed websites.

Example: if the allowed website has a button to launch camera to take a picture, unless you allow Camera as an allowed application in SureFox Pro, the button will not launch camera. However, it needs to be noted that even after Camera is allowed, it will not be visible on SureFox Pro Home Screen hence, cannot be launched directly.

Now, we know that your requirement can be met by using SureLock and SureFoxSureLock locks down the device with only allowed applications, SureFox being one of them. SureFox in turn will allow browsing of only allowed websites.

How do you use SureLock and SureFox together?

So, how do you achieve this?

To achieve the above mentioned setting on your Android device, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Install SureLock and SureFox (not SureFox Pro).

2. Launch SureLock.

3. Access SureLock Settings by tapping on screen five times within three seconds and use Admin Password to login.

4. Use Allowed Applications option to select allowed applications including SureFox.

5. Go back to SureLock Home Screen and launch SureFox.

6. On SureFox Home Screen, tap on screen five times within three seconds and use SureFox Admin Password to login.

7. On SureFox Admin Screen, tap on Allowed Websites option to add websites you want to allow.

8. Exit SureFox Settings and go back to SureLock Home Screen.

Now, your device is all set for use and the device users will be confined to only allowed application and websites.

Try SureLock and SureFox for free.

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Updated on June 2021