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How To Lock Safe Mode On Android Devices?

Safe Mode in Android was intended to be used for troubleshooting software problems. In this minimal operating mode, a technical problem on the device can be sorted by determining whether an issue is because of an installed application, or due to Android itself.

Like in Windows OS, Safe Mode in Android runs only required settings and applications on the device and does not allow running of any other downloaded apps on your phone. Getting into Safe Mode on an Android phone is as easy as pressing and holding phone’s power button for a few seconds.

If you have locked down your Android devices for business using lockdown application, Safe Mode can pose a threat to the sole reason of restricting users from misusing the device. Users could easily manipulate power button to get into Safe Mode, bypass the lockdown and exploit the device using native apps, change device settings or worse uninstall the lockdown application.

A feature in SureLock – Lock Safe Mode disables Safe Mode on Android without the need to root the device. Once this feature is enabled, any attempt to reboot the device into Safe Mode is blocked.

Steps to enable Lock Safe Mode on an Android device

1. Tap 5 times on SureLock Home Screen to enter SureLock Admin Settings.

2. On the Admin Settings screen, tap SureLock Settings.

3. On the SureLock Settings screen, tap and enable Lock Safe Mode.

4. On the Activate Device Administrator prompt, tap Activate.

5. On the New Password prompt, set a Safe Mode Lock Password.

6. Tap on Change to complete.

Note: Enabling Lock Safe Mode option will disable and also clear device Android Lock PIN. In case you forget the Safe Mode Lock Password, the device has to be factory reset.

Now, the user will be prompted for a password whenever he tries to get into Safe Mode by rebooting the device.

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Updated on August 2021