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How To Make Enterprise Devices Security Complaint With SureMDM?

Compliance Job is one of the new EMM features in SureMDM which can be utilized to detect threats like rooting/jailbreaking, SIM card changes, password in compliance and proactively trigger specified measures like blacklisting the devices or wiping data off a device. This job also allows admins to set alerts and notifications on detection of such vulnerabilities.

Example: You can use SureMDM’s Compliance Job, if you want to detect Android devices enrolled in your MDM which are still running on Android KitKat and notify the users to upgrade.

Steps to create a compliance job in SureMDM

1. Login to the SureMDM Web Console.

2. On SureMDM Home, click Jobs.

3. On the Jobs page, click New Job.

4. Click on the desired operating system.

Note: Currently Compliance Job is only applicable for iOS and Android devices.

5. After selecting the desired operating system, click Compliance Job.

6. On the Compliance Job prompt gave a name to the job, check Enable Compliance Job, and select from the given options:

OS VersionApplication Policy
Jailbroken/RootedMobile Threat Defense
Security Patch LevelWindows Heath Attestation
Online Device ConnectivityWindows Copy Genuine Validation
Mobile Network ConnectivityWindows Update
SIM ChangeCell Signal Strength
Password PolicyWifi Signal Strength
BatteryActive Kiosk Application
Device StorageLocation Access
Device EncryptionHardware Change
Device UptimeCustom

7. Select the option to configure Compliance Rules and Out Of Compliance Actions.

8. Use Add Action to add additional Out Of Compliance Actions. This additional actions can be specified to get triggered at a specified time (minutes/hours/days) after the enrolled device gets out of compliance rules.

9. Click Save to complete.

10. Once done, go to SureMDM Home and select the device(s) or group(s) and use Apply option to apply the Compliance Job.

Compliance Job feature in SureMDM plays a remarkable role as an additional layer of defense for enterprise mobility. If you want to tighten your MDM security and learn more about securing your enterprise mobility management, click here.

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Updated on December 2022