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How To Persist SureMDM Agent On Zebra Android Devices?

Persist Manager is a feature with StageNow which helps IT admin pre-configure devices with specific system settings as per their needs.

The configurations are saved as system configurations on the device in an enterprise folder which persists even after the device goes through a factory reset (also called Enterprise Reset). Once the device is reset to factory settings, the system configurations saved in enterprise folder will take over the device once again, until reconfigured by the IT admin using StageNow.

This feature in StageNow can be used to include SureMDM Nix Agent in the enterprise folder so that agent’s settings persist and functions even after the device undergoes a factory reset.

Steps to configure SureMDM Agent on the devices and ensure that its settings persist

Note: In this customized profile, the following settings have been added: Wi-Fi, Setting Manager, Dev Admin, File Manager, App Manager, Dev Admin, Intent and Persist Manager.

1. To log in and create a new profile in Xpert Mode, follow the first five steps from this blog.

2. Select the settings from the wizard which has to be configured and click on Add.

3. In the SettingsMgr settings, select the Ability to invoke Enterprise Reset in Settings options as Do Not ChangeAbility to Turn on/Off in Settings as Enable and Ability to Turn Unknown Resources On/Off in Settings as Enable.

4. In DevAdmin, select Turn On from Install App from Unknown Sources option.

5. In FileMgr settings, select Download and Expand Archive File option from File Action settings.

6. In AppMgr, select Install from the Action dropdown menu, enter apk path, name and select Do Nothing for Access to App Info.

7. In DevAdmin, select Turn On for Device Administration, select Screen Lock Type as Do Not Change from the dropdown menu, Turn On as Device Administrator for Device Administration Action. Enter the Device Administrator Package Name and Class Name.

8. In Intent, select Action as StartActivity, enter Android Action NamePackage Name, Class Name and click Continue.

9. In Persist Manager, select Add current XML as a persistent profile from Persist Action. Enter Launch for Persist as Name, enter 1 for Persist as Version, enter 0 for Persist as Order and click Continue.

10. In the review window, view, verify the staging profile and click Continue.

11. In Publish page, a barcode will be generated and published for the Staged profile. Settings will be locked down. Click Stage.

12. Barcode will appear in PDF format.

Launch the StageNow Client from Zebra mobile device and scan the generated barcode.

Once the staging is successful, SureMDM Nix Agent will be installed automatically on the devices. Thereafter, even if the users factory reset the devices, SureMDM Nix Agent and the configured settings will persist in these devices and allow the IT admins to control, manage and monitor them.

Learn more about SureMDM here.

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Updated on August 2021