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How To Remotely Access iPhone And iPad Screen

Apple’s native features such as Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop allow IT admins to quickly access employee computer screens, ensuring easy remote support for Macs. But a similar feature wasn’t available for iOS devices until the release of iOS 11, when Apple introduced the ability to record and broadcast screen in real-time. With SureMDM, IT pros can now remotely view the end user’s iPhone or iPad screens by using this built-in screen recording feature.

Steps to remotely capture screen on iOS and iPadOS devices using SureMDM

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console and select any enrolled iOS device.

2. Click Remote from Dynamic Jobs.

3. On the device end, swipe up to open the Control Centre.

4. Long click Screen Record button.

5. Select SureMDM Nix and click Start Broadcast.

6. If the Screen Record button is not available, go to device Settings.

7. Select Control Centre.

8. Click + to add Screen Recording.

9. Once broadcast starts, the user will get a push notification on the device showing – Administrator requested for access to screen.

Now the admin will be able to see the iOS device screen on the SureMDM Web Console.

Note: Remote screen capture through 42Gears UEM works on all iOS devices including iPhones and iPads, running iOS 11 and above. However, touch and click events are not yet supported through this feature.

Once the remote support window is closed on the 42Gears Web Console, the end user will get a notification on the device to stop the broadcast, in order to ensure that additional data is not consumed by the feature.

If you would like to enjoy easier troubleshooting of iOS devices, you can try the remote screen capture feature on SureMDM today! Click for a free trial.

Watch the iOS Remote Screen Sharing video here.

Updated on April 15, 2020

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