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How to remove multiple Users on the device?

KB ID: 42G2012788
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Updated: August 2021

When a device is locked down with a lockdown application, the main intention is to make sure that the device is used for deployment-specific purposes and not to be used for personal uses. 

One of the pointers to be taken care of to achieve this requirement is to block end-users from accessing the additional user feature available on the devices. This feature is accessible using the status bar of the device.

SureLock or SureFox when used to lock down the devices do provide options to block the Status bar or Notification bar on the device. SureMDM also provides a run script command to help admins remove such user accounts created on the devices with Samsung KNOX devices or devices with Signed permissions. 

Below are the steps to push this script on to the devices. 

1. Log into SureMDM. 

2. Create a Run script job with the below command.


3. Push this job on the Android devices with Samsung KNOX permissions or Signed Permissions. 

This will remove all the users created on the device.

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