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How to restrict browsing to only Allowed Websites using SureFox

Organizations seeking to control access to specific websites can achieve this through SureFox, a kiosk browser solution designed to establish a secure browsing environment. IT professionals can enhance the security of web-based devices by implementing password protection for SureFox settings and implementing browser lockdown to a singular page, commonly referred to as “Kiosk mode.” This approach ensures a controlled and restricted browsing experience aligned with enterprise security objectives.


The purpose of the article is to provide a guide on how to restrict browsing to only Allowed Websites using SureFox.




1. Launch SureFox on the device.

2. Type the default password to access SureFox Settings.

3. Select Allowed Websites.

4. Click Add URL.

5. Select the appropriate option and enter the URL to be allowed.

6. Kiosk should be enabled inside SureFox.

7.  SureFox should be selected as a Default launcher to lock the device with SureFox.

8. Once the device is back on the SureFox Home Screen, the device is now locked and will only allow access to the URLs you have allowed.

SureFox offers a reliable way for businesses to control website access. IT professionals can enhance security by adding passwords to SureFox settings and keeping the browser in kiosk mode. This ensures a safe and restricted browsing experience, aligning with strong security practices and helping to protect organizational assets and data.

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Updated on January 2024