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How To Restrict Browsing To Only Allowed Websites Using SureFox by 42Gears?

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Last Updated: June 2021

Enterprises that wish to limit access to only certain websites can do so by allowing certain URLs using SureFox, a kiosk browser solution that creates a safe browsing environment. IT Pros can further secure web-based devices by password-protecting SureFox settings and locking down the browser to a single page (also known as “kiosk mode”).

Steps to whitelist URLs in the SureFox settings menu

1. Launch SureFox on the device.

2. Type the default password to access SureFox Settings.

3. Click Allowed Websites.

4. Click Add URL.

5. Select the appropriate option and enter the URL to be allowed.

6. Click Done.

7. Once the device is back onthe SureFox Home Screen, the device is now locked and will only allow access to the URLs you have allowed.

Steps to change the password for the SureFox settings menu

1. T On the SureFox Home Screen, tap 5 times.

2. Enter the default password – “0000” (Four zeros)

3. In the Settings menu, go to Browser Preferences and select Change Password.

4. On the Change Password prompt, go through the warning that appears.

5. On the next prompt, type in the default password and then add a new password.

6. Access to the SureFox Settings menu will now be password-protected.

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