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How to restrict the screen timeout for a specific app in SureLock?

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Updated: July 2021

In a kiosk set up on Android devices, sometimes the organization never wants the device screen to turn off or brightness to dim when any specific app is running idle. In such cases, the admin can set up SureLock in such a way that it will prevent screen timeout for only certain apps. This makes sure that even though the timeout for the kiosk is set up, it will not take effect when their specific app is running.

Below are the steps to configure SureLock to prevent suspend mode for specific apps.

  1. Install and Launch SureLock.
  2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.
  3. In the Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock settings.
  4. Further, tap on Timeout Settings and click on Prevent Suspend Mode.
  5. In the next screen choose Normal Mode. Once done, scroll down and enable Prevent Suspend only for Selected Apps
  6. This will take you to the Select Applications screen. Based on the necessity choose either only for the selected apps OR Except for the selected apps.
  7. Once done, save the changes and go back to SureLock Home Screen.

Screen timeout for specific apps will be restricted in SureLock.

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