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How to save APN from SureMDM on Samsung Knox or signed devices?

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Updated: July 2021

The APN is the settings on a mobile device to set up a connection to the gateway between the carrier’s cellular network and the public Internet. It is mostly pre-configured after the SIM is inserted. However, in some cases, it needs to be manually updated.

SureMDM, helps admin configure APN settings of the devices remotely with a run script job. To do this, the first thing you’ll need to do is find the right APN settings for the network you want to use. You’ll be able to find these on the support pages on the carrier website.

Further, create a run script job with the APN setting values from the carrier website in the below script from SureMDM and then apply on the device.

createApnSettings(APN,Username,Password,Server,MMSC,MMS proxy,MMS Port,MCC,MNC,APN type,Name,SetdefaultApn)

Below are the steps to create a run script job in SureMDM. 

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console and Click Jobs.
2. Now, click New Job and select the platform as Android.
3. Select Run Script to create a run script job
4. Enter a Name and add the below-mentioned Command.

createApnSettings(APN,Username,Password,Server,MMSC,MMS proxy,MMS Port,MCC,MNC,APN type,Name,SetdefaultApn)

5. Click Save to complete and save theRun Script job.

If you notice that APN is not created despite the job getting successfully deployed on the device, you might need to add further parameters such as the Authentication type, APN protocol, APN roaming protocol, and Bearer, etc.,

These parameters can be set on the device using the below script.

createApnSettings(APN,Username,Password,Server,MMSC,MMS proxy,MMS Port,MCC,MNC,APN type,Name,SetdefaultApn,Authentication type,APN protocol,APN roaming protocol,Bearer)

Here, values to be provided for Authentication type in Runscript are as follows:
0 for None
1 for PAP
2 for CHAP
3 for PAP or CHAP

Further, values to be provided for APN protocol and APN roaming protocol are as follows:
IP for IPv4
IPV6 for IPv6
IPV4V6 for IPv4/IPv6

Note: For unknown values in the above script which are not shared in the carrier website, just leave the placeholder blank,, but keep the comma.  

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