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How to schedule an OS Update on iOS/iPadOS devices

Schedule OS Update job allows SureMDM Admin(s) to remotely update the latest version of OS on the enrolled iOS device(s). OS updates are an important maintenance feature when you own a mobile device. Such updates can enhance user experience on the device, fix broken features, add security features, etc.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to schedule OS updates on iOS/iPad devices.


  • The scheduled OS Update job is supported only on Supervised Devices.


1.  On the SureMDM Web Console, navigate to Jobs.

2. Create the New Job and Select the OS Platform as iOS/iPadOS.

3. Click on Schedule OS Update Job.

4.  Configure Schedule OS Update Policy windows, Configure the below settings :

Job Name Enter a name for the Job.
Product KeyEnter the product key.Note: Product Key is a unique identification number for an iOS version.
Install ActionSelect an action for the OS update from the following options: Download and InstallInstall already downloaded iOS release


  • To view iOS updates available for enrolled iOS devices, select the device and click on OS Update under the Dynamic jobs section. If any updates are available then the Product Key for that OS Version will be displayed here. 
  • This Product Key can be entered in the Schedule OS Update Policy prompt as mentioned in step no. 4 above. If no updates are pending, the No Updates Available message will be displayed.

5. The newly created job will be listed in the Jobs List section. 

6.  Go back to the Home tab and select the iOS/iPadOS device(s) or group(s).

7.  Click Apply to launch the Apply Job/Profile to Device prompt.

8.  In the Apply Job/Profile To Device prompt, select the job and click Apply.

The OS will get silently installed and on completion, the device will reboot with the new OS.

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Updated on April 2023