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How To Set Up And Use DeepThought, 42Gears’ Self-Service Chatbot?

Using DeepThought, 42Gears’ Self-Service Chatbot, users can manage devices without the constant assistance of IT admins. Companies with enterprise licenses for SureMDM can use DeepThought to locate, reboot, or wipe devices, send messages, and check device health- and can do so hands-free with voice dictation.

Note: DeepThought Self-Service chatbot is available for all devices and is currently being offered only for 42Gears Enterprise account holders.

Steps to set up devices to use DeepThought

1. First define OAuth Authentication (AD Authentication) for a selected device or devices by following these steps

2. Go to Settings and click DeepThought Settings.

3. Toggle on Enable DeepThought for BYOD Users.

4. Install the SureMDM application (also known as SureMDM Agent) on the device.

5. Enroll device/devices on the SureMDM Web Console using QR Code or manual enrollment.

6. Enter a valid Username and Password to sign in.

Note: If the user has selected G Suite in OAuth, the user must enter the G Suite account username and password.

7. The DeepThought icon will pop up on the device/devices after a few seconds. Tap on the icon to launch it.

8. Enter the same Username and Password used in Step 6.

9. You can now use DeepThought to help with device management.

If you would like to provide 42Gears Self-Service Portal access to your employees, you can try SureMDM here.

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Updated on August 2021