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How To Set Up G Suite Single Sign-On In SureMDM?

SureMDM supports G Suite with Single Sign-On allowing IT Pros to access the SureMDM Web Console using G Suite credentials with SSO. It adds an extra layer of security to the account. This feature will eliminate the need to create users separately in SureMDM. 

Steps to configure devices using G Suite credentials with SSO

1. Login to https://admin.google.com with G Suite credentials.

2. Click Apps.

3. Click SAML apps.

4. Click Setup My Own Custom App.

5. On the Google IDP Information prompt, copy the SSO URL, Entity ID and Certificate fileds and click Next. Click Download to download the certificate.

Note: SSO URL, Entity ID and Certificate details are required while configuring SSO in SureMDM.

6. Enter Application Name and select the logo file in Upload Logo and click Next.

7. Enter ACS URL and Entity ID and click Next.

Example: ACS URL : https://suremdm.42gears.com/console/ssologin/xxxx

Entity ID : urn:42gears:suremdm:SAML2ServiceProvider

Note: Add your SureMDM DNS name and Account ID as https:///console/ssoconsumer/ and urn:42gears:suremdm:SAML2ServiceProvider, respectively.

8. Click Finish.

9. Click OK.

10. Click Edit Service.

11. Select ON for everyone and click Save.

What are the changes to be made on SureMDM Server?

1. Login to the SureMDM Web Console.

2. Go to Settings > Account Settings Single Sign-On.

3. Enable Single Sign-On and select SSO Type G Suite from the dropdown list.

4. Enter Service IdentifierSign On Service URL and Logout Service URL, which is copied from Step No. 5 in Google IDP Information Tab.

Assign RolesDevice Group Set and Jobs/Profiles folder set.

Example: Service Identifier – https://accounts.google.com/o/saml2?idpid=C02rpwdi1
Sign On Service URL – https://accounts.google.com/o/saml2/idp?idpid=C02rpwdi1
Logout Service URL – Generally same as Sign On Service URL

5. Click on Upload Certificate and upload the certificate which is downloaded in Google IDP information Tab in Step No. 5 and click on Ok.

Note: Ensure that the password field is empty.

6. Click Done.

Once finished, IT Pros can login to their G Suite account with any browser and use the URL below to login to the 42Gears SureMDM server.

Example: https://suremdm.42gears.com/console/ssologin/0617240

Note: Enter your SureMDM DNS name and Account ID as https://console/ssoconsumer/account ID.

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To sign up for SureMDM’s free trial, click here.

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Updated on January 2024