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How to show device information in the SureLock title bar?

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Updated: May 2022

It is quite essential for the users and admins to verify the device information such as IMEI number, Mac address, Phone number, System device name, SIM serial number, etc. It is challenging for the end users to verify these details without using a management console or a third-party app when the devices are locked down within SureLock KIOSK mode.

Admins and users can easily see their device information in SureLock title bar using the wildcard string.

Follow the steps below to configure to show the device info in SureLock title bar:

  1. Launch SureLock and navigate to SureLock admin settings by tapping 5 times on the homescreen and entering the admin password.
  2. Go to Surelock Settings -> TitleBar Settings -> Show TitleBar (check this option)
  3. On the same page, go to Text field and type in the below wildcard string based on which device information you wish to display in the titlebar:
DetailsWildcard String
SureLock Version$ver$
SureMDM device name$usesuremdmnixdevicename$
Local IP Address$LocalIPAddress$
Device Serial Number$SerialNumber$
WiFi Mac Address$WiFiMacAddress$
Bluetooth Address$BluetoothAddress$
Android ID$AndroidID$
Registered Device Name$DeviceName$
Phone Number$PhoneNumber$
SIM Serial Number (ICCID)$ICCID$
  1. Once the above is configured, click on Done and then go to SureLock homescreen.

You would now see the respective device information in the SureLock title bar. Therefore, users no longer need to exit out of KIOSK mode to verify their device information.

You can also customize the SureLock title bar with different fonts, colors, text size, etc. Follow the steps mentioned in this blog to know more about customizing the title bar.

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