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How to update SureLock, SureFox and SureVideo configuration on mobile devices in the field

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Updated: June 2021

SureLock, SureFox, and SureVideo recently introduced the ability to export its settings to a file. This settings file could later be imported on any number of devices. What this means is an administrator can now configure and test his SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo configuration on one device. Once he is satisfied with the device lockdown achieved and feels the configuration is ready for final field deployment, he can export this setting to a file and copy this settings file to his other devices and import it from within SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo. The entire lockdown configuration gets cloned on new devices, within seconds.

Now we have taken SureLock, SureFox, and SureVideo Import/Export settings to another level by enabling the Administrator to remotely change SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo configuration on devices in the field without requiring any user intervention.

SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo can now be configured to periodically look for new configurations from a path. This path can be: 

  • Import from file in the device – In this case, the administrator can push new configuration files to the SD card of the device, remotely using some MDM solution (like SureMDM) and SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo will pick up the new configuration from this file automatically
  • Import from HTTP URL – In this case, the administrator can just upload the new settings to his web server and SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo will download the new configuration directly from the website
  • Import using Cloud ID – In this case, the administrator can specify a Cloud ID from where the periodic check for setting import is to be done

With all the above-mentioned methods, there is no user intervention required from the end-user. All SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo devices, will detect the presence of a new configuration and apply it.

Following steps are required to configure SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo to periodically look for new configurations:

1. Goto SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo Settings -> Import/Export Settings

2. Under the Automatic Import section, make sure Enable Automatic Import is checked

3.  Tap on Automatic Import From and select either From File or From Cloud

4. If Import From File, tap on Automatic Import File, browse and select the file

5. If Import From Cloud, tap on Auto Import Cloud ID,  enter a Cloud ID 

6. Next, tap on Periodic Check and enter the periodicity in minutes, with which you want SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo to poll for new settings

Once complete, SureLock will check for change in the SureLock Settings, it can gather from the path mentioned under Automatic Import From, every scheduled time period. If SureLock detects a change, then the settings file will be automatically imported.

In order to obtain the settings file from a Gold device follow the steps below:

1. Goto SureLock/SureFox /SureVideo Settings -> Import/Export Settings

2. Under the Export Settings section, tap on Export to File. Enter the local file path where you want to save the settings

3. Once complete, SureLock should successfully export its current settings to the specified path

We completely understand the Enterprise Mobility requirement where IT Administrators can feel the need to modify the security lockdown configuration of the field device on a regular basis. Bringing back these devices from the field to do required modifications has huge costs involved, reduces mobile workforce productivity, and most importantly, halts your business. This is why we feel, this new feature in SureLock/SureFox/SureVideo will bring huge benefits to Enterprises and reinforces our commitment to make our customer’s business more successful.

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