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How to upgrade SureMDM Agent remotely on Windows devices?

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When devices are spread across different locations, admins need a way to upgrade the SureMDM agent on the devices remotely from the SureMDM console without any manual intervention. This can be achieved by using the silent upgrade process with the below steps for Windows devices.

Follow the steps below to upgrade SureMDM Agent remotely:

1. Login to SureMDM web console.

2. Go to the Jobs section.

3. On the Jobs screen, click on New Job.

4. Select Windows. In the Select Job Type screen, select Install Application job.

5. In the Configure Job screen, Enter the Job Name and Click on Add.

6. In the Install Job screen, Enter the File path URL or Upload the file. 

Note: The URL should be a direct download link. For the latest SureMDM Agent version, use this link.

7. You can also specify the path on the device in the Device Path field where you want the .exe file to be downloaded in the device storage.

8. In the Execute path field, enter the value as /verysilent and check the option “Execute In Currently Logged In User Account”

Note: Silent switch parameters will vary for every application and the same can be obtained from the respective application developer.

9. Click on OK to save the job.

12. In the SureMDM web Console, select a device or a group of devices and click on Apply to install the application remotely.

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Updated: February 2022

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