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How to use “Enrollment Authentication” during device enrollment

Enrollment Authentication is a security feature that enhances device enrollment by requiring users to authenticate themselves before their devices are successfully enrolled. By implementing Enrollment Authentication, organizations can ensure that only authorized individuals can enroll their devices, adding additional protection to the enrollment process.


This KB article outlines the steps to enable and configure Enrollment Authentication options, such as username and password, one-time password (OTP), or QR code authentication. It provides guidance on completing the enrollment process with authentication.


To utilize Enrollment Authentication during device enrollment, ensure you have the following:

  • Access to a device management console or enrollment platform that supports Enrollment Authentication.
  • Administrative privileges to enable and configure Enrollment Authentication options.


1. Navigate to the SureMDM Console.

2. Click on the Settings icon, and now navigate to Account Settings.

3. Click on Device Enrollment Settings > Device Enrollment Rules.

3. Select the required Authentication Type from the following and click OK.

  • No Authentication
  • Require Password
  • OAuth Authentication
  • SAML Authentication (ADFS/Azure AD/OKTA/Onelogin/Ping One/Google G Suite/Generic)
  • Active Directory Authentication using Admin Account

4. Now click on Apply.

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Updated on July 2023