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How to use the Advanced Search in SureMDM?

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Updated: July 2022

For admins, it is necessary to audit the device list based on criteria such as specific application version, online/offline status, platform type, device name, etc. In such cases, the admin can enable the advanced search in the SureMDM and fetch the required details.

SureMDM offers two types of search. Basic and Advanced search.

Basic Search – You can perform a simple search based on Device Name, Model, IMEI, Mac Address, etc parameters.

Advanced Search – With this option, the admin can enable search filters for every column in the device grid. Enter or select the specific values in the required search filters and the search result will be displaying devices based on the matching columns.

Below are the steps to enable the Advanced Seach in the SureMDM.

  • Login to the SureMDM console
  • Click on the Search dropdown icon and select Advanced Search
Advanced Search

Once the search result is updated in the grid, the admin can save it as a filter and use it for future use.

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