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How to use the RenameD plug-in available on SureMDM

App Plugins are software programs that customize the way platforms function or behave, and allow you to customize the user experience. The RenameD plugin can help to rename devices in bulk in the SureMDM device grid by allowing you to upload a CSV file that contains either Old Name/ IMEI/ Serial Number and the new name thereby making the process easy, convenient and hassle free.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to utilize the RenameD plug-in available on SureMDM.


  • SureMDM plugins are available only for Enterprise Subscription.
  • Create a CSV file with two values separated with comma(,). The first value should be either the Old device name/ IMEI/ Serial Number and the second value should be the New device name.
  • Upload the file. Click on “Rename Now” to rename the devices.
  • Do not close the tab when the screen is loading.
  • Special characters supported are : ( ) [ ] ” ‘ @ – _{ } &.


Step 1: Enable the RenameD Plugin in SureMDM

  1. On the SureMDM Web Console, navigate to Settings (Gears Icon) > Account Settings > Plugins > Manage Plugin > select Plugin Store.
  2. Select the RenameD plugin and click on Install.
  1. Once the plugin is installed, click on the Installed Plugins tab. 
  1. Select the RenameD plugin and click Enable.

Step 2: Create a CSV file import the device name

  1. Create a CSV file with the first value being the existing device name/IMEI/Serial Number and the second one being the new device name.
  2. Please refer to the same CSV file below:

Please click here to download the sample .csv file.

Step 3: Execute the RenameD plugin to get expected results

  1. Login to SureMDM console > click on the MORE tab > choose Plugin.
  1. Select the RenameD Plugin.
  2. Select the reference column to Device/IMEI/SerialNumber. This is to specify the details of the device with the existing name.
  3. In the upload file section, click on Choose File to upload the CSV file that was created earlier.
  1. Once the file is uploaded, we can see the number of valid rows and the valid entries in the Success Log.
  1. Click the Rename Now button to rename the devices as expected. 

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Updated on March 2023