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How To Use Windows 10 Devices As Digital Signage?

SureVideo offers multiple device support – Windows 10 desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and offers following features:

  • loops selected videos in full-screen mode
  • video screensaver
  • remote configuration including SureVideo installation and playlist compilation
  • export and import from Settings File for easy mass configuration

Let’s look at how we can install and get started with SureVideo for Windows.

Steps to manually install SureVideo

Note: To install AppxBundles, enable sideloading on Windows 10 devices using following steps:
Settings > Search for Developer Settings > Enable Sideload apps

For Desktops/Tablets

1. Download SureMDM Agent (Windows) and install the .exe file.

2. Download SureVideo – SureVideo.appxbundle and install the appxbundle.

3. Download SurevideoScreensaver.exe and install the .exe file.

For Phones

1. Download SureMDM Agent (Universal Windows App) and install the appxbundle.

2. Download SureVideo – SureVideo.appxbundle and install the appxbundle.

Click here to download the files.

Steps to remotely install SureVideo

For Desktops/Tablets

1. Download SureMDM Agent and install it on the desktop/tablet.

2. Configure Settings and enroll the device to SureMDM.

3. Go to SureMDM Web Console and create a new Install Job using following steps:

Jobs > Windows > Install Application > Add New

4. Browse and select SureVideo.appxbundle, fill other details and click OK.

5. Follow step 3 and 4 to create another Install job with SureVideoScreensaver.exe.

6. Apply the created Install jobs to the device in the following sequence:

  • SureVideo.appxbundle
  • SureVideoScreensaver.exe

7. Once SureVideo is successfully installed, create SureVideo Settings job to remotely configure SureVideo using following steps:

Jobs OS Type – Windows > SureVideo Settings > Add Raw XML data in Source field.

8. Make desired changes and click OK.

9. Go to SureMDM Home, use Apply to apply new settings on the desired Windows device

For Phones

1. Install NixUWP for Windows Phones.

2. Click Enroll Device > Enroll only in device management.

3. Set up the account and enroll the device to SureMDM.

4. Go to SureMDM Web Console and approve the device.

5. After Approving the device, the server details appear on the SureMDM Agent Home screen. This means that the Enrollment was successful.

6. Now, create an Application Policy Profile to install SureVideo remotely on the enrolled device using following steps:

SureMDM Home Profiles > Windows  Add Application Policy Add > Enter App Name and URL of the application for remote installation > Save

7. Now, create a Configuration Profile to configure SureVideo remotely using following steps and details:

Profiles Windows  Add Configuration Profile > Add 

  • App Name – SureVideo
  • Key – Settings
  • Value – Edited with desired changes in Raw XML data

8. Now, create a PeriodicApp Launch Profile to configure screensaver remotely using following steps and details:

Profiles Windows  Add Periodic App Launch > Configure Add App Name and Periodicity to specify periodic launch of app.

9.  Once done, push the created Profiles to the device using Apply option on SureMDM Home in the following sequence:

  • Application Policy Profile
  • Configuration Profile
  • Periodic App Launch

10. On successful completion of listed steps, your Windows device would be ready as a Digital Signage.

With SureVideo setting up digital displays to play engaging video content at checkout counters, receptions, trade shows, store fronts or any other high-traffic areas is easy. The same set of features is also available for Android and iOS devices. Click here to read more about SureVideo.

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Updated on August 2021