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How to add Wi-Fi Networks to the Allowlist for Apple iOS Devices

Adding Wi-Fi networks to Allowlist provides an added layer of protection to the devices, which guards them against unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Adding Wi-Fi networks to the list allows the devices to only connect to selected Wi-Fi networks, preventing possible attacks and security threats that put the stored data in danger.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to add Wi-Fi networks to the Allowlist for Apple iOS devices.




Step 1: Login to the SureMDM Console

1. Login to the SureMDM Console.

2. Go to Profiles.

3. Select the OS as iOS.

4. Click on the Add button.

5. From the iOS MDM Profile screen, click on Wi-Fi Configuration.

Step 2: Wi-Fi Configuration and adding them to Allowlisting

1. Once you select Wi-Fi configuration, click Configure and Add.

2. When the Wi-Fi Configuration prompt appears, enter the SSID (the Wi-Fi SSID that is to be added to the Allowslist), select Security Type, and Save.

Note: Follow the same steps to add multiple SSIDs to the Allowlist.

Step 3: Restriction Profile Settings.

1. Once the Wi-Fi Configuration profile is created, go back to the iOS MDM Profile screen and select Restriction Profile.

2. Click Configure.

3. On the next screen, scroll through the list under Functionality, enable the Force Wi-Fi Allowlisting option, and click Save.

Note: The Force Wi-Fi Allowlisting option feature will work only on iOS 10.3 and Supervised devices.

Step 4: Apply the Allowlisting Profile

1. Go back to SureMDM Home.

2. Select the desired devices or group and click Apply.

3. From the list, select the profile you created earlier and click Apply.

You have now successfully configured an iOS Wi-Fi Allowlisting Profile. You’ll get a notification on the device end confirming that your iPhone can only join Wi-Fi networks that are configured by your organization’s admin.

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Updated on December 2023