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How to Wipe iOS devices using SureMDM.

A factory restore/Wipe is a very important option when a device has to be reset of the information and settings with which it was configured before deploying it into production. Factory resetting a device will help the admin re-use the device for a different project or erase the sensitive details on the device in case of theft. 

​SureMDM helps the admin remotely perform this action on the device when the device is enrolled to SureMDM web console. 

Below are the steps mentioned to Wipe an iOS device from the SureMDM web console. 

1.  Log in to your SureMDM Console.

2.  Select the device and click Wipe in the dynamic jobs section.

Note: Please check the Enable Device Wipe option on the device.  

​Following these steps will wipe the iOS device and erase all the details from the device. 

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If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket here 

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Updated on June 2021