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Introducing Samsung KNOX features in SureFox


In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile device management, security remains paramount. As businesses navigate the challenges of securing their fleet of devices, SureFox takes a significant stride forward by incorporating advanced security features from Samsung KNOX.

Samsung KNOX, renowned for its robust security protocols, seamlessly integrates with SureFox to offer enhanced protection and control over mobile devices. This collaboration ensures that businesses can fortify their digital perimeters, allowing for secure and streamlined device management.

This means that Samsung devices will not need Enterprise Agent to be installed on them to enable advanced lockdown features. With an inbuilt option, Enable Samsung Knox, you can enable the following lockdown features easily on the device:

Disable other Home ScreenDisables all other installed Home Screen along with the device’s Default Home Screen.
Disable Safe ModeDisables users from entering Safe Mode using hardware keys on the device.
Disable Factory ResetDisables users from resetting the device to factory settings. This is much helpful if you have allowed Settings as an allowed application and do not want the users to factory reset the device to come out of lockdown. Once this option is enabled, the Factory Reset option is grayed out.
Disable Multi WindowDisables multi-window multitasking option on the devices.
Disable S Voice applicationDisables S Voice feature on Samsung devices.
Disable USBDisables USB usage of the device for following two uses:–Mass Storage – restricts access to stored files on the device–USB Debugging – restricts access to device using Command Prompt
Wipe Recent AppsOn the launch of SureFox, the recent applications accessed by the user on the device get auto wiped.
Disable Air view ModeDisables that Air View Mode using which users can control the device by just hovering over the device screen.
Disable Air command modeDisables the usage of S Pen features on the device
Disable Smart clip modeDisables Smart clip feature on the device
Allow multiple usersBlocks the end-user from accessing the device using multiple users
Disable OTA UpdatesDisables the installation of OTA updates on the device.
Disable Application InstallationDisables the installation of applications on the device from any source
Disable Application UninstallationDisables uninstallation of applications on the device by an end-user
Disable Hardware KeysDisables the hardware keys of the device.
NFC ModeDisables the use of NFC mode on the device


To access Samsung KNOX options in SureFox, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Access SureFox Settings.

2. On the SureFox Admin Settings screen, tap on Samsung KNOX settings.

3. Enable the Samsung Knox option to enable the lockdown options.

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Updated on January 2024