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Keep Your Business Contacts Readily Available In Your Phone

AstroContacts is a Centralized Contact Management tool by 42Gears that offers Contact SyncThis allows users to sync business contacts with their native device phone book. Once all contacts are synced on the user’s device, whenever someone from the business contact list calls, the caller id will display their details on the screen. This makes it incredibly simpler for the user to recognize it’s a business contact calling and exactly which one, even if unacquainted.

Let’s explore how to use this feature.

Steps to sync contacts on a native device

1. Log in to the AstroContacts application on your phone.

2. Navigate to the top left 3-bar Menu icon.

3. Tap Contacts Sync.

NOTE: Tapping this will now prompt you to enable allow AstroContacts to access contacts from your device’s personal settings.

4. The following message Contact Sync initiated will then be displayed.

How to un-sync contacts from the mobile device

1. To un-sync contacts from the native device, tap Settings.

2. Tap Unsync to remove all the synced contacts from the native device.

3. Tap Unsync to confirm.

In a few seconds, all the contacts will be unsynced and the user’s device will return to the original condition.

It is also important to note that contacts will also un-sync automatically once the user logs out of the AstroContacts application from their phone or the admin removes the user account from the AstroContacts console.

Store all your business contacts centrally and allow mobile workers to seamlessly connect with one another. Try AstroContacts for free.


Allow seamless sharing of enterprise contacts among mobile team members
for them to quickly lookup for contacts to call, email or text.


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Updated on May 2021