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Keep Your Work Contacts in Your Pocket with AstroContacts

As industries are rapidly transforming into a mobile-only ecosystem, remote work opportunities have taken the center stage. There are often instances where a remote employee needs to quickly connect to a particular team member, only to realize they can’t locate or access these phone numbers or email address details. What ensues is a frantic and confusing process of finding information from others to finally get in touch with the person in question. The lack of structured contact information also impacts the new hire onboarding experience.

Many maintain their own spreadsheet of contacts. However, this list is often very cluttered with old numbers and needless duplicate contacts sprawling everywhere. This makes it a challenge to find the information we need on time.

How Do Your Employees Currently Store Work Contacts?

The decentralized way of accessing and storing work contacts makes it difficult for employees to access it whenever required and feel confident the details are up to date. Some common bad practices of employees personally saving work contacts to their own devices are:

  • Storing employee and customer details on individual laptops and smartphones
  • Saving contact details in shared documents on network drives or cloud folders
  • Storing contact information in Outlook kind of email systems, which aren’t easily accessible to mobile users.

Another downside of the above approaches is not only the inconvenience of use but also the potential data breach. Businesses can avoid these challenges by using a centralized contact management solution.

AstroContacts as Your Centralized Contact Management Solution

AstroContacts by 42Gears is a cloud-based contact management solution that allows businesses to seamlessly share contact details among team members with Android or iOS devices. Employees can simply search and access business contacts on-the-go and continue to be productive 24X7. IT has sole control of all contact information thereby alleviating any concerns around data security.


  • Centralized Contact Management
  • SaaS-based, No server setup required.
  • Mass Import contacts (csv format)
  • Multi-platform support
    1. Android, iOS, Web (Admin Portal)
  • Easy enrollment methods
    1. Send Invites to users
    2. Common enrollment method
    3. QR code
  • Access Control
  • Real-time Synchronization
    1. Addition and Deletion of contacts by IT admin
  • Voice search

Add AstroContacts to your list of productivity applications and empower your employees to seamlessly connect with their team anytime!

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Updated on June 2021