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Knox E-FOTA on SureMDM has reached the end of service

Samsung E-FOTA is a service that allows IT administrators to manage and control firmware updates across all Samsung devices within an organization. By integrating with SureMDM solutions, E-FOTA integration ensures that Samsung devices are running on the latest approved firmware versions, with enhanced security and compatibility with device features.


The purpose of this article is to provide information regarding the deprecation of KNOX E-FOTA service. As it is common for companies to move away from the older services considering the enhancement and new implementation, Samsung has announced that its Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) on MDM service has reached its end of service. This decision marks a significant shift for businesses and IT administrators who have relied on E-FOTA for efficient and secure firmware management.




E-FOTA’s integration with MDM solutions has been crucial for centralized device management, allowing businesses to maintain a consistent firmware environment across all devices, which is vital for security and operational efficiency.

There’s already a new firmware designed as an alternative for the deprecation of Samsung E-FOTA, i.e.,  E-FOTA One. For now, this implementation is not integrated with SureMDM, However, any future developments will be announced by SureMDM.

In the SureMDM console, we see the Samsung E-FOTA settings under the below navigation:

Settings > Account Settings > Firmware Updates > Samsung E-Fota.

Due to the deprecation of Samsung E-FOTA, the settings in the above navigation will also be removed from SureMDM.

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Updated on July 2024