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LG Android Devices Get Enterprise Ready With 42Gears

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42Gears now offers an exclusive Enterprise Agent for LG Android devices. This LG certified enterprise agent is designed to enhance the lockdown functionalities of SureLock/SureFox and management functionalities of SureMDM on all LG Android devices to ensure advanced device security and higher productivity.

If you are using an LG Android device with SureLockSureFox, SureMDM Nix Agent or a combination of these products, this agent allows enabling of following advanced features without device rooting.

Features for SureLock and SureFox

Schedule Reboot

Allows admins to schedule rebooting of the device at a specific time and on a specific day.

Disable Applications

Disables functioning of all third party apps even if they are allowed by the admin. Only native applications and applications configured as device administrators would work.

Enable/Disable GPS

Disable GPS functionality of the device.

Enable/Disable Mobile Data

Disable Mobile Data functionality of the device.

Enable/Disable Airplane

Disable Airplane Mode functionality of the device.

Kill Unallowed Applications

If an unallowed application is launched through an allowed application, the unallowed application is suppressed by SureLock, however, it is launched and remains open in the background. Enabling Kill unallowed applications option kills any such unallowed application launched in the background.

Features for SureMDM

Silent Installation/Uninstallation

Allows remote installation and uninstallation of applications without device users’ interference.

Remote Control

Allows remote touch events on the device screen using SureMDM Web Console.

Clear App Data

Allows clearing of application data remotely.

Remote Reboot

Allows the admins to remotely reboot the device using SureMDM Web Console.

If you already have SureLockSureFox, and SureMDM Nix Agent installed, there is no need to install them again. Just directly download Enterprise Agent for LG from here or from Google Play store, install it and you would be able to enable above-mentioned features without any rooting.

Updated on July 16, 2020

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