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How to lock your iPad into kiosk mode using SureMDM?

IT admins can use SureMDM by 42Gears to remotely lock iPads down into single-application mode. Unlike the Guided Access feature built into iPads, which can only be activated one device at a time, SureMDM can remotely lock down many devices at once.

NOTE: This feature is available only for supervised devices. To learn more about Supervised Mode, click here.

Steps to Convert iPad into a Kiosk

1. Enroll one or more iPads into your SureMDM account. Click here to learn how to get started.

2. Log into SureMDM Web Console.

3. Go to Profile, select iOS and click Add.

4. Under the iOS MDM Profile section, select Single App Mode Profile and click Configure.

5. Give a name to the profile and select the application from the apps listed under Lockdown Application. Once the profile is applied, the iPad will get locked down with the  application that has been selected here.

NOTE: Lockdown works only for the apps installed on the device.

6. Check the Single App Mode option and click Save.

7. Go to SureMDM Home, select the device and click Apply.

8. On the Apply Job/Profile To Device prompt, select the profile and click Apply.

Once the profile is applied to the device, the iPad will get locked down with a single application. The user will not have access to any other apps or functions, including the functionality of any hardware buttons.

To explore more SureMDM features for iOS and iPadOS devices, click here.

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Updated on March 2022