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How to manage Mobile Data Usage with SureMDM?

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SureMDM allows you to track and control mobile data costs. These capabilities have been enhanced with the following two new features.

  1. Alerts and Limitation
  2. Data Usage Report: Mobile Data/WiFi Data/App wise Data Usage

Alerts and Mobile Data Limitation

The Telecom Management Policy option allows you to set alerts by specifying Data Usage thresholds for a mobile device for a specific period of time. The options to create allowed levels of Data Usage and set alerts give you the ability to be well notified before you have to completely block mobile data on a device.

Example: You can configure SureMDM to notify you through an email when the user has reached 10 MB threshold of mobile data usage per day. You can then block mobile data usage with an alert when the user reaches the 20 MB threshold.

Steps to create Telecom Management Policy

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console.

2. On home screen, click Jobs and then New Job.

3. Next screen, select Android and then Telecom Management Policy.

4. On the Telecom Management Policy prompt, give a name to the job, check Enable Telecom Management and enter the following details:

  • Billing cycle – Monthly/Weekly/Daily/Custom
  • Billing Start date if Monthly/Weekly/Custom selected

5. Next, under Configure Mobile Data Limits create Limit 1 profile with following details:

  • Threshold in MB/GB
  • Action – Block Data/Send Device Alert/Send MDM Alert/Send Email Alert

6. Create Limit 2 profile with following details:

  • Threshold in MB/GB
  • Action – Block Data/Send Device Alert/Send MDM Alert/Send Email Alert

7. Click OK to complete.

Note: Policy to block mobile data is available only for KNOX / Enterprise Agent Enabled devices. Blocking mobile data can stop device from connecting to SureMDM server. This can prevent you from managing and controlling this device from SureMDM.

Data Usage Report: Mobile Data/WiFi Data/Appwise Data Usage

With the new Data Usage feature, you can view the total data used by a device for a specified time period. This features also allows you to separately view Wi-Fi Data or Mobile Data and also see a list of applications with their respective Foreground or Background data consumption details.

Steps to view data usage details for a device in SureMDM

1. Select the device from Device List section.

2. On Quick Action Toolbar, click on More and then Data Usage.

SureMDM’s Data Usage Screen

  • Total Data Usage for the specified period
  • Billing Cycle – Period/Start and End Date
  • Mobile Data/WiFi Data
  • List of Apps – Apps and respective data usage; Foreground and Background

Note: Foreground Data usage will not work for Lollipop and above devices if usage access for SureMDM Agent option on the device is not enabled.

For any organisations who want to get more than just device and application management from MDM solutions would benefit immensely from this features. The ability to remotely view and manage data usage will equip them in not only keeping track of data usage by mobile workforce but also help them in identifying the apps which are consuming higher mobile or WiFi data. To know more about similar cost saving or time-saving features in SureMDM, click here.

Note: Network provider data usage calculation may differ from your device.

SureMDM has few new features for iOS devices, click here to explore.

For free 30 day trial of SureMDM, click here.

For any technical questions or immediate assistance, click here.

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Updated: August 2021

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