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How to play videos as a screensaver on Android Tablets and Devices

SureVideo transforms your handheld Android device into a video-playing kiosk. Its features to support all standard and high-definition video formats and automatic video looping make it an ultimate solution for full-screen video playback for product displays, demos, or business communications.

Now, with SureVideo‘s new feature, you can enable video as a screensaver for your device even if you have not enabled SureVideo‘s kiosk mode. The following steps tell you how to do that.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to play videos as a screensaver on Android Tablets and Devices.




  1. Install and launch SureVideo.
  2. Tap the SureVideo Home Screen five times within three seconds to launch the password prompt.
  3. On the password prompt, enter the SureVideo password. On successful login, the Main Menu screen appears.
  4. On the SureVideo Settings screen, tap Screensaver Settings.
  5. On the Screensaver Settings screen, tap Enable Screensaver
  6. Select the Screensaver timeout value in either seconds or minutes and enter the timeout value. Click on Done.

Note: The minimum value is 10 seconds.

7. Go back to the SureVideo main menu and configure the SureVideo playlist.

A list of the settings and their functions can be found in the Screen Saver settings.

Enable ScreensaverAllows admin to configure screensaver settings.
Run Screensaver Only On Ac PowerAllows playing of the screensaver on AC power only.
Play only onceAllows the playing of screensaver only once after SureVideo is launched.
Go to home on Screensaver dismissedRedirects the screen to the launcher home screen on the dismissal of the screensaver.
Screensaver TimeoutSet a time of inactivity after which the screensaver will get activated.
Mute audio while playing screensaverDisables the audio when the screensaver is playing. 
Schedule ScreensaverSchedule Screensaver has the following options:Schedule Screensaver – Allows scheduling SureVideo in screensaver mode.Start/End At – Set start and end times for the screensaver to play.Days of the Week – Select the required days for the screensaver to play.

The selected video will play as a screensaver on device inactivity.

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Updated on September 2023