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Play Videos in Kiosk Mode using SureFox

With SureFox you can play videos on an Android device by embedding videos in an HTML file. Follow the below-mentioned steps to start playing locally stored videos using SureFox.

Step 1: Save this Zipped Folder with SureFox Settings file, sample HTML file, and sample video file on your desktop.

Step 2: Install SureFox on the device and copy all the three files and save them in the root folder of the device’s SD Card.

Step 3: After you have saved these three files, SureFox should auto-import these files.

Step 4: Once the import is completed, you will see an icon on the SureFox Home Screen named Video.

Step 5: Tap on the icon to start the video.

If you are looking for more features than basic video playing in kiosk mode then check out SureVideo.
For more details on SureFox click here
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Updated on June 2021