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Plugins Management and how to use them in SureMDM

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Plugins are software programs that customize the way platforms function and behave, and allow you to customize the user experience. Now, you can build your own Plugins for SureMDM. 

To know how to develop your own Plugins for SureMDM, please click here.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to use Plugin Management in SureMDM.


  • This feature is available with the Enterprise tier of the SureMDM Account.


  1. Login to the SureMDM Account.
  2. Navigate to the SureMDM Settings and further into Account Settings.
  1. Further, select the Plugins and Manage Plugins.
  2. On the new window, select the Plugin Store tab to install the available Plugins.
  3. Now, select the required Plugin from the list and click on Install.

Below are the few ready-to-use Plugins that are available in SureMDM to install.

  • RenameD – This Plugin can help rename devices using the IMEI number or Serial Number in bulk in the SureMDM device grid by allowing you to upload a CSV file that contains either an old name/IMEI/Serial Number and a new name.
  • FixTheName This Plugin helps modify device names in the SureMDM device grid in bulk by allowing you to upload a CSV that contains the prefix, device names, and suffix.
  • ExpoJob This Plugin helps export Jobs to an XML file. All the Jobs except Install/File transfer Jobs can be exported to an XML file with the help of this Plugin.
  • Columnify – This Plugin helps update custom columns in the SureMDM device grid by allowing you to upload a CSV file containing the device name, custom column name, and the desired value for the custom column.
  • Group Creator – This Plugin helps create groups and subgroups by allowing you to upload a CSV with a group path.
  • Group Assignment Wizard – This Plugin helps bulk import Group Assignment Rules and automatically move devices to a specific group by allowing you to upload a CSV file with the Source Group, Destination Group, and Device Properties.

6. The installed Plugins will get added in the Installed Plugins section.

7. Now the Admin can choose the Installed Plugin and Enable it to use.

The enabled Plugin can be viewed in the header navigation of the SureMDM as Apps Plugin.

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Updated: May 2023

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