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How to remotely Install And Configure AstroContacts In iOS Devices Using SureMDM?

SureMDM supports AppConfig, which enables IT Pros to remotely install and configure AstroContacts on iOS devices. This can help organizations easily provision a large number  of devices with an Enterprise Contact Management solution.

Steps to remotely install and configure AstroContacts using SureMDM

1. Log into the SureMDM Web Console.

2. Go to App Store and upload the AstroContacts application. 

Note: You can refer to https://www.42gears.com/blog/enterprise-app-store-android-ios-devices/ to learn how to upload an application in SureMDM.

3. Click Profiles and select iOS. Then, click Add Profile.

4. Select Application Policy, click the ‘+’ icon.

5. Select the AstroContacts app that was uploaded in step no. 2, click Add and then select other options based on your requirements.

6. Select the Configuration profile option > click Add Application > select AstroContacts > add Key, Value and Type.

7. Click Add and then click Save to complete.


1. Key refers to the AstroContacts labels for username, and password. Value refers to the email address/password that will be used for logging in, and Type refers to the string.

2. Add Key, Value and Type twice. Once with the email address you want to use to log in and then again with the password of the email ID used for logging in. 

Key: AstroContactsUsername
Type: String
Value: sam@gmail.com
Key: AstroContactsPassword
Type: String
Value: Password@123#

3. Key, Value and Type are case sensitive parameters. 

8. Go back to SureMDM Home and apply this profile to the device.

Once the profile is applied to the device, it will automatically log the user in with the credentials that were specified in SureMDM whenever the user launches the AstroContacts app. (Refer to step no. 5)

Note: Even when the user clicks the Logout button in the app, the value will not be removed from the application configuration. The user will be shown an option to Login with Managed Configuration on the login screen.

Steps to remotely reset or edit AstroContacts configuration using SureMDM

To remotely edit AstroContacts configuration using SureMDM, just edit the existing Application Configuration profile and apply it to the device.

To remove the AstroContacts configuration, create a new Application Policy profile, keep AstrocontactsUsername and AstrocontactsPassword key values blank and apply it to the device.

To learn more about AstroContacts, click here.

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Updated on June 2021