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How to configure a tablet as Retail Kiosks in 2 Minutes?

With the addition of security features like Encryption and Monthly security patches in Android Lollipop and retail friendly features like Android PayDoze in Android Marshmallow, Android devices are not only efficient but they have become much secured to be used as dedicated retail kiosks.

These Android security features can be further enhanced by locking smartphones and tablets to just required apps to ensure that the device is used only for the intended purpose. This kind of lockdown will guarantee that your customers cannot snoop around your inventory details when they are supposed to just rate the store services on the retail kiosk.

Easy and cost effective way to achieve such lockdown on an Android device is by using solutions like SureLock for Android from 42Gears. It allows stores to lock the device with access to only allowed application(s). It provides an extra layer of security for your data/information and restricts users from making any harmful setting changes on the device.

SureLock can be downloaded either from Google Play Store or 42Gears website. Once downloaded and installed, setting up the Android device as a kiosk is quick and easy.

Steps to convert Android devices using SureLock

1. Access SureLock Admin Settings.

2. Select Allowed Applications from list of installed applications.

3. Change default password to the desired one.

4. That is it! The kiosk is all set.

This same lockdown setup can also be utilized to convert any Android devices into locked devices for your mobile field workforce.

SureLock comes equipped with features to setup or edits lockdown settings of multiple devices remotely using the cloud. To read more about such helpful features, click here.

If your store kiosks require the users to access websites than apps, you can use SureFox. It is a secure browser which locks down the mobile devices to only browsing of only allowed websites.

42Gears also offers a solution to manage these locked devices – SureMDM, a Mobile Device Management solution. It enables you to remotely manage, monitor and update these deployed kiosks. Read more about SureMDM here.

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Updated on June 2021