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Role of MongoDB and SQL with SureMDM OnPremise.

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Mongo DB and SQL are two different, but equally important kind of databases used in IT firms to deal with data. SQL is a database that deals with structured data and uses tables to store data in a structured schema. Whereas MongoDB deals with unstructured data and stores the data in JSON format. 

These databases play a major role in handling the entities in SureMDM to provide better performance to the end-users. 

SureMDM OnPremise versions before v6.37 used SQL only. However v6.37 onwards it was made mandatory for users to use MongoDB with SureMDM OnPremise.

SQL plays a major role in storing the latest information about all the entities in SureMDM. However, since it is not easy to scale the SQL server for a large dataset, SureMDM uses MongoDB to store historical data.

Features such as Device logs, Location history, Reports, Data usage, Call logs and SMS logs, Tags, Job Queues, etc., are stored in MongoDB. Other major features remain with SQL, as it fits the requirement.

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Updated: June 2021

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