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Silent installation on Windows Mobile devices

Silent installation is a very important feature to have when the devices are locked down with only applications necessary for the production, with no access to system settings or storage of the device. Silent installation features can help admins install as well as upgrade the existing applications on the device. 

SureMDM supports the silent installation of CAB files on Windows mobile devices. Install and Launch SureMDM Agent on the device and follow the below-mentioned steps to achieve the same. 

​1.  Log in to your SureMDM Console.

2.  Click Jobs > New Job.

3.  On the Select Operating System screen, select Windows Mobile.

4. Click Install Application

5. Enter the Job Name and click on Add

6. Browse the CAB file in File Path/Url field. Device path by default will be \CAB file name 

7. Check Install after copy options. 

8. Provide the below path in the Execute Path file and tap OK to save it as job.

"\Program Files\SureLock\SureLockClient.exe" 

9. Once done, goto SureMDM home and select the device(s) on which you would like to apply the job.

10. Click on Apply, select the created job, and tap on Apply. 

This will apply the job to silently install or upgrade applications on Windows Mobile devices.

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Updated on August 2021