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How to Silently Push And Instal Applications On Datalogic Devices?

You can ensure that every Datalogic device has the latest applications using SureMDM. Using SureMDM’s Jobs functionality, you can push applications silently to avoid disrupting employees who are using devices for work. 


Devices must have been enrolled in SureMDM using Android’s Enterprise Device Owner mode.

Steps to create an install Application Job on Datalogic devices

1. Log in to the SureMDM Web Console.

2. Go to Jobs and select New Job.

3. On the Select Operating System screen, select Android

4. On the Select Job Type screen, click Install Application job.

5. Upon opening the Install Application job, give a name to the job and click Add.

6. Here you can use 2 ways to choose the application for the Install Application job:

  • Browse the APK file from the device’s internal storage.
  • Enter the application URL and click OK.

Note: Please ensure that the job upload status shows as completed before applying the job to your devices.

Note: The device path is /sdcard/ by default. However, the admin can change the device path based on the organization’s needs.

Steps to push the newly created install Application Job onto Datalogic devices

1. Go to the SureMDM Home page.

2. Select the device(s) (from the device list) that need to have the application.

3. Click on Apply.

4. Select the created job from the list and click Apply.

The Install Application job will now be pushed onto the Datalogic device. Once the job is complete, you will see a green dot beside the device name on the console. 

To read more about SureMDM, click here.

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Updated on June 2021