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Steps to open Word and PDF files using your desired application in SureFox.

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Updated: May 2021

Admins would sometimes prefer opening certain documents in specific applications while the device is in lockdown without giving a chooser prompt to the end-user. This is possible while using SureFox. ​

Below are the steps to do this. ​

  1. Disable ‘Open File after download’: Go to SureFox settings-> Browser preferences-> Allow Downloads(Check this option) ->Open File After Download (Uncheck this option) 
  2. Disable ‘Show files using Google Docs’: Go to SureFox settings-> Browser preferences-> Show files using Google Docs (Uncheck this option)
  3. Allow the (desired) application to open the Word or PDF file: Go to SureFox settings-> SureFox Pro settings-> Allowed Applications->Add Applications (Adobe Reader or Office Mobile for example) 

    Note: Ensure other applications used to read the document is uninstalled or disabled on the device. This is to avoid the end-user from getting the chooser to open the document with.           
  4.  Once downloading is completed click on the Download Complete option shown on the SureFox screen to open the downloaded files. 

    This will open the document in the desired application.

You can also view all the downloaded files inside SureFox on the device. 

Below are the steps: 

1. Allow ‘Navigate to Downloads’: Go to SureFox settings-> Display Settings -> Enable Context Menu (Check this option)->Tap on Context Menu Items-> Navigate to Downloads (Check this option) and Save the settings. 

2. Go back to SureFox HomeScreen and long press on the device screen. A Context menu will open. Tap on the Downloads options to see the downloaded files.

This will list out all the downloaded files.

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