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Using SureFox Basic, users can browse through allowed websites listed on the SureFox home screen. However, cannot put the device in kiosk mode when the business requirement is to ensure that only the allowed websites are accessed on the device and nothing else. 

We have come up with a Pro version of SureFox, which can put the devices into lockdown mode, blocking access to third-party applications and un-allowed websites. 

The following are the main features of SureFox Pro

  • Lockdown Android devices to run SureFox in kiosk mode
  • Prevent and block the launch of 3rd party applications from SureFox
  • Suppress system messages and notifications
  • Allow applications present on custom toolbar

Follow the below-mentioned steps to enable SureFox Pro features on the device. 

1. Access the SureFox Admin Settings.

2. Tap on SureFox Pro Settings.

3. Check Enable Kiosk Mode to run SureFox in kiosk mode

4. Enable Watchdog Service to block the launch of 3rd party applications

5. Enable Suppress System Windows to dismiss system dialogs and notifications.

6.  Enable Suppress Power Button/Keyboard to block the access to reboot the device. 

7. Enable Allow Toolbar Applications to automatically allow applications present on SureFox custom toolbar

8. Enable Disable Status Bar to block access to the status bar of the device.  

9. Enable Home Key to load the home page on the press of the home key.

10. Tap on Allowed Application to allow the launch of allowed applications.

11. Enable Show Toast Message for Blocked Apps to prompt the end-user that the application, they are trying to launch is blocked. 

Note: The prompt message can also be customized. 

12. Tap on Done to go back to SureFox Settings and follow on-screen steps to enable SureFox as the default home screen. SureFox is ready to be used in kiosk mode

Note: Please ensure necessary permissions are granted to help the features work as expected. 

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Updated on June 2021