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Troubleshooting steps for AstroFarm Android Device Enrollment

When the admin enrolls the devices in Astrofarm for the remote testing, sometimes there can be a scenario where the device is not enrolling or is stuck at showing the status as unplugged. This could be due to the missing configurations within the device’s developer settings.

The administrator can perform the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Enable the USB debugging option on the device and connect the device to the PC
    The AstroFarm enrolment guide will provide the steps to enable USB debugging on the device https://knowledgebase.42gears.com/article/astrofarm-device-enrollment/
  2. Open the command prompt in the platform-tools location and enter the below command to make sure the device is connected well and listed under adb devices
  3. Go to the device System Settings and navigate to Developer Options
    • Turn ON Install via USB under Developer Option
    • Turn OFF Verify apps over USB under Developer Option
    • Unplug & Replug device to contributor machine


  1. For some models, these settings may not be directly present under your device developer settings, you may need to search for this option on the device and find the above-mentioned settings to make the required changes.
  2. On some models, the USB debugging option will be present on both Security Settings and Developer Options. Make sure the settings should be enabled in both locations.
  3. On Xiaomi/Redmi devices, make sure to Turn off “MIUI optimization“.
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Updated on May 2022