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Windows log collection protocol

KB ID: 42G2012209
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Last Updated: August 2021

The logs files always provide us the insights of the application program where it provides information such as when the app started to what service has been used or called at what time, etc. 

This is specific when the application, SureMDM agent/SureLock/SureVideo, the crash is happening or some service is not started/stopped. In such scenarios, along with the application logs, collecting the Event Viewer(System + Application) logs would help the engineering team.

Steps to collect Event Viewer logs:

1. Click the Start button and search the keyword “Event Viewer” OR go to step 2 for another way.
2. Navigate to Control Panel and navigate to System and Security. 
3Further go to Administrative Tools, and then double-click Event Viewer
4. Expand Windows Logs in the left panel, and then select the Application under the Source column for which you want to collect the logs.
5. Click the “Action” menu(right panel) or right-click on Application and select Save All Events As.
6. Name the file eventviewer.evtx and click the “Save” button.
7. Click the “OK” button if you see a “Display Information” dialog.
8. Repeat Step 3 and choose System and follow Step 4 to Step 7

In case of an issue, share both these log files with the 42Gears Technical support team to help them get to the root cause of the issue.

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