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Windows SureMDM Agent v5.03.0 Upgrade Steps.

The following procedures must be followed for all agent upgrades from any version lower than v5.03.0. These steps are intended to address the numerous issues during the SureMDM agent update process.
This document implies both manual upgrades and upgrades via the SureMDM install job in the console.


The purpose of the article is to provide a guide on how to update the SureMDM agent on Windows devices when the agent version is less than v5.03.0.


The SureMDM agent version has to be lower than v5.03.0.


To upgrade the agent from the SureMDM console,

  1. Create 3 different Runscript jobs for the below 3 commands, 
    (Jobs > New Job > Windows > Runscript)
  • Job 1: “C:\Program Files (x86)\42Gears\Nix Agent\NixSvMng.exehandleuninstall
  • Job 2: taskkill /F /IM NixSvMng.exe
  • Job 3: sc delete nixsvmng
  1. Create an Install Job for SureMDM agent
  • Jobs > New Job > Windows > Install Job > Copy paste the SureMDM agent Link URL(https://suremdm.42gears.com/nix/nix_installer_win.exe)
  • Set Install Arguments as /verysilent
  • Save the Job
  1. Create a Composite Job with all 4 Jobs with a delay of 10secs in the following order
  • Command1 > Add 10sec delay
  • Command2 > Add 10secs delay
  • Command3 > Add 10secs delay
  • Install Job of SureMDM upgrade

Note: It is mandatory to follow all the steps mentioned.

To upgrade the agent manually

  1. Run the below commands one by one through a runscript job via SureMDM onto the device.
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\42Gears\Nix Agent\NixSvMng.exe” handleuninstall
  • taskkill /F /IM NixSvMng.exe

2. Download the Latest SureMDM agent from the website and install it. 

Note: The above steps are to be followed only once to upgrade to a version greater than or equal to v5.03.0.

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Updated on May 2024