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How To Enroll iOS Devices Into SureMDM Using Apple Configurator?

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Updated: June 2021

Apple Configurator allows IT admins to perform DEP Enrollment and enable automatic enrollment of iOS devices in a UEM solution. Auto configuration of iOS devices with desired profiles and apps before deploying them for the intended purpose makes iOS device management easy.

Steps to enroll a device from Apple Configurator to SureMDM

To enroll a device directly from Apple Configurator to SureMDM, make sure that the DEP Token Exchange is complete (Refer to the steps here) and follow below-mentioned process:

Note: If the devices are not through a DEP Reseller, you need Apple Configurator 2.0 to activate the supervised mode. This will enroll the devices in the 42Gears UEM as well.

1. Connect your iOS device to the configurator and double click on the device on the screen.

2. The device needs an active internet connection – either push a Wi-Fi profile using Apple Configurator or turn on the device and connect to Wi-Fi.

If the device is not connected to the internet, then the DEP enrollment will fail and you will get a Cloud Configuration Error.

3. If the device is currently in use and has an Apple ID, go into Settings iCloud > Disable Find my iPad. Then factory reset this device.

4. Once the phone boots back up, select the language and connect it to the WiFi SSID.

5. Connect it to the configurator > click Prepare.

6. Select Manual Enrollment > check the first three options (except enable sharable iPad) and click Next.

7. On the next page, click Enroll in MDM > New Server > Next > Give it a name > and enter a host URL ( https://*server name*/enroll?q=*dep,Account ID/Customer ID in base 64 encoded format* ). Account ID/ Customer ID will be the SureMDM Account ID to which user wants to enroll the devices.

Example: https://company.suremdm.io/enroll?q=ZGVwLDAzMTkwMDU1NA==

8. It will ask you to enter your organization details, enter your Apple Business Manager/DEP account and password.

9. Select a profile to be loaded on the device > enter the WiFi profile that we just created (skip if the device is already connected to the internet).

10. Skip the username and password section and click Prepare.

Note: Click Erase if you are prompted to erase the device.

11. The device should now be automatically enrolled into your SureMDM account once the process is complete.

When an IT Admin enrolls an iOS device which was not purchased under DEP Program directly from Apple Configurator to SureMDM, the device user will have the option to remove the DEP Profile under Settings for the first 30 days. Post the first 30 days, this option to remove the profile will be disabled.

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