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Android equivalent of iOS Guided Access Mode

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Updated: June 2021

iOS Guided Access Mode

Guided Access Mode was introduced in iOS 6.0 and is used to help admin set the device access to one application only on an iOS device. This feature limits the iOS devices to run just a single application.

Guided Access can be used to achieve the following -.

  • Restrict the iOS device to a single application.
  • Disable hardware buttons.
  • Disable Touch inputs on the device.
  • Disable Motion on the device.

Guided Access makes it easy to lock down iOS devices and use them as kiosks, dedicated displays, or digital signage.

Guided Access Mode for Android

For Android devices, Single Application Mode in SureLock is equivalent to iOS Guided Access Mode. However, with SureLock’s Single Application Mode, you can do much more. SureLock allows for a more secure lockdown of your device and gives you more control over what the user can access.

Introducing SureLock Single Application Mode

  • Locks your Android device to just one application.
  • Hides bottom navigation bar.
  • Prevents access to the device’s settings and notifications.
  • Password-protected lockdown.

Setting up Single Application Mode in SureLock

1. Download and Install SureLock on your Android device

2. Access SureLock Admin Settings by tapping on SureLock Screen 5 times within 3 seconds

3. On password prompt, enter your SureLock Admin Settings password and tap on Go To Admin Settings

4. Tap on Allowed Applications and select the application you wish to be in Single Application Mode

5. Now, go back to SureLock Settings and enable Single Application Mode. 

6. Once done, the user will be prompted with a description of the Single Application Mode. Tap OK in the prompt.

This will initiate Single Application Mode on the Android device.

Click here for details on setting up a device with Single Application mode.

How to launch other applications in Single Application Mode

If you want to allow access to applications other than the main application, you can do so by allowing it in the Allowed Applications option and hiding the application icon by checking Hide Icon in Home Screen option under the Allowed Applications option. These steps will allow and hide the application from the SureLock Home Screen. However, the main application in Single Application Mode can launch it.

For example, you can allow the camera to run as a single application on SureLock Home Screen and allow and hide Gallery, This will enable the users to launch Gallery on the device through the Camera app.

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