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How To Apply DXU Configurations On Datalogic Devices?

You can use Datalogic DXU to configure device settings and parameters, control devices remotely, and provide device tethering capabilities. More specifically, you can use the DXU Desktop application to configure SureLock on Datalogic Android devices. SureMDM also allows admins to remotely configure the DXU application using a .dxu configuration file.

Steps to save DXU configuration (SureLock)

1. Launch DXU.

2. Connect the device through USB.

3. Click on the Device > Configure this device option.

4. Select SureLock and Enable SureLock Settings.

5. Click on Save.

Note: The file will be in .dxu format.

Steps to create a File Transfer job/Run Script and apply settings from SureMDM

Part 1: Steps to create a file transfer job

1. Install the SureMDM Agent on the device.

2. Enroll the device in the SureMDM console.

3. On the console, navigate to Jobs > New Job > Android > File transfer job.

4. Select the File (Config.dxu). 

5. Enter the job name and Save the job.

Part 2: Steps to create a Run Script

5. Navigate to Jobs > New Job > Android > Run Script.

6. Enter the Run Script into the prompt as written below:

am broadcast -a com.datalogic.dxu.action.APPLY_SETTINGS -e path    sdcard/config.dxu.

7. Enter the job name and Save the run script job.

Part 3: Applying the file transfer job and Run Script

8. Select the enrolled Datalogic device.

9. Apply the file transfer job first.

10. Then apply the created run script job for applying settings.

To read more about SureMDM, click here.

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Updated on April 2022