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How to configure Causal Job on SureMDM console?

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Updated: April 2022

SureMDM allows IT admin(s) to deploy Custom Property or Device Property wildcards in all the text fields, such as URL of file transfer job, installation, text messages, notification policy and indeed various settings of SureProducts anywhere inside the Jobs/Profiles where text field can be entered or edited.

However, when IT admin(s) configure the new value for custom properties from the SureMDM console, they need to re-apply the same job to have the updated settings on the device side.

Causal Job helps IT admin(s) to overcome this issue and dynamically updates the Custom Property values on all the text fields which are configured inside the jobs/profiles whenever any new values are applied from the SureMDM Web console. 

Follow the steps as below to create a Causal Job:

1.  Log in to your SureMDM console.

2.  Click Jobs > New Job.

3.  On the Select Operating System screen, select Android.

4.  On the Select Job Type page, select Causal Job.

5.  On the Configure Job screen, enter the Job Name and then click Add.

6.  On Select Job(s) To Add prompt, select the desired job(s) and click Ok. The selected jobs will get listed in the Configure Job section.

Note: Select the job and use the controls MoveUp, and MoveDown to arrange the sequence of jobs.

7.  Click Ok. The newly created job will get listed in the Jobs List section.

8.  Go back Home tab of the console and select the Android device(s) or a group.

9.  Click Apply to launch the Apply Job To Device prompt.

10.  On Apply Job To Device prompt, select the job and click Apply.

The selected Causal job will be applied to the selected devices.

Causal Job continuously keeps a track of the custom property changes in the SureMDM console and the new value(s) gets changed on all the text fields of all our SureProducts. IT admin(s) need to add all job(s) that contain custom property or device property wildcards into Causal Job and push them to device(s).

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