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How to create custom SureLock using the SureMDM console?

KB ID: 42G2108215
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Updated: August 2021

SureMDM now lets admins customize the SureLock application before installing it on the device. This customization includes you can change the downloadable URL, application icon, application name, and application settings. 

Admin can use this customized version of SureLock to configure the devices faster and better.

Steps to create a Custom SureMDM Agent using the SureMDM Web Console

1. On one of the Master administrator devices, configure the settings of the Surelock app manually (including your application to be whitelisted) to be exactly as you would like them to be on other devices.

2. Navigate to Import/Export Settings on the master device, and then select Export Settings to File. This will create a Surelock.settings file on your device storing all of your chosen settings. Click here for details.

3. Copy this Surelock.settings file on your computer.

4. Now, log into your SureMDM Account.

5. Navigate to Settings ( Top right corner settings icon) and click on Account Settings.

6. Further go to Customize SureMDM Agent/SureLock tab and select SureLock as the app.

7. Now, enter the application title, App download URL, and App Launcher Icon.

8. Import the XML settings file that you copied to your computer in Step 3. Make changes if required.

9. Once done, click on Generate.

11. Use the Download button to download your Custom SureLock App.

12. Install the Custom SureLock App on your mobile device.

Once successfully installed on the device, you will notice that SureLock is installed with all the customized details.

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