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How to Create FTP Site in the IIS Server Manager?

There are scenarios where IT and System admins wants to manage the storage using FTP when it comes to On-Premise server storage rather than keeping the database storage in SQL server. We can achieve the same for our SureMDM On-Premise as well.

It is mandatory to create the FTP Site in the IIS Server and authorized it with the necessary rules before configuring the storage.

Create FTP Site in IIS Server Manager:

Follow these steps mentioned below to enable FTP and create FTP Site under IIS Server:

1.  Launch IIS Server Manager on your server machine.  

2.  Right-click Sites and click Add FTP Site.

NOTE: To add FTP site, the appropriate FTP Roles must be enabled. Refer this link for enabling the necessary Roles and Features in your server.

3.  In Add FTP Site prompt, enter FTP Site name.

4.  Browse and select Physical Path for the new FTP Site.

5.  Click Next to go to Binding and SSL Settings screen.

6.  On Binding and SSL Settings screen, select IP Address as All Unassigned and enter the following details and click Next.

  • Port – 21
  • SSL – No SSL

7.  On Authentication and Authorization Information screen, under Authentication, select Basic.

8.  Click Finish to complete.

     On successful completion, a FTP Site is created.

9.  Click FTP Site (created) and then click FTP Authorization and Rules.

10. Click on Add Allow Rule.

11. In Add Allow Authorization Rule prompt, select All Users, Permissions as Read and click Ok.

12. Click Add Allow Rule again.

13. In Add Allow Authorization Rule prompt, select Specified users and enter the Username (login user name of the machine where FTP Server is hosted) and select Permissions as Read and Write.

14. Under Connections, right-click Suremdm and then click Add Virtual Directory.

Note: If suremdm is deployed in root folder itself, right click the Default Web Site and click Add Virtual Directory.

15. In the Add Virtual Directory prompt, enter an Alias name (downloadhelper) and browse the physical path (same as Step 4) and click Ok.

16. Navigate to IIS and select downloadhelper (Virtual directory).

17.  Double-click MIME Types.

18.  Remove all MIME Types from the list.

19.  Click Add to add the MIME Type with File name extension as * and MIME Type as application/octet-stream and click OK

20. Restart IIS Server to complete.


  • To restart IIS server open IIS manager > Select machine name and click Restart.

Once the above steps are done, the FTP Site will be created and ready for use.


  • If the FTP and MDM app servers are running on the same machine, then the ports need not be enabled in the firewall.

To know more about SureMDM On-Premise, click here.

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Updated on March 2022